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First Time Home Buyers

So you have an accepted offer on your new home and need a home inspection performed. Now what? 

Most clients after contacting me say the same thing " Well that was easy!"

Step 1 - Contact me with just basic information. Your name, phone number, your new homes address and the name of the Real Estate Professional you are working with. That's It! I take care of everything else. I encourage you to attend the entire inspection or at least the last half so we can go over any findings together. If the sun is up, we are inspecting homes including weekends. There should be no problems working around your schedule. 

What Happens After You Contact Me

I know that time is of the essence. You may only have a few days to get the inspection completed. First I will book the appointment for us with all necessary parties involved ( buyers agents, sellers agents, home owners ...) I am a licensed Home Inspector with access to all types of the lock boxes (This makes it quicker for us to schedule the inspection. We will not have to rely on another parties schedule to grant us access) When we get a confirmed appointment, I will send a conformation email to all of the parties. I know that there may be a lot of questions when you are buying your fist home and there should be. That is why I always book us extra time to talk about the home including maintenance tips, Heating and AC systems, filter replacement, all safety shut offs (water main, electric, gas ) etc...

Next I meet you at your new home at the appointment time.  Together we inspect the home and discuss any issues at that time. Some people prefer to walk with me during the inspection while others walk around the home to start figuring out where all of there "stuff" is going to go and just want to listen to the end of inspection summary. It is totally up to you

Finally you will receive your easy to read detailed report the next day sent to your email address. You can then save, view, forward or print the report.  There is also an option for you to make a repair order request to the seller. Just click on the items from the summary page you want to request the seller to repair, save that, then forward to your realtor. It is that easy. Of course if you have any questions before, during, or after the home inspection, please do not hesitate to give me a call.