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Home Inspection, Balsam Lake, WI 

Roofing Inspection

Here is a view showing Ice dams have formed on the roof eaves. When the ice melts, the water can come back up under the shingles and cause damage. There is not sufficient insulation at the eaves inside the attic. I Recommend having a qualified contractor install insulation at the eaves to prevent ice damming and water penetration.

Home Inspection Cushing WI

Attic Inspection

Evidence of previous fire found in attic. I probed charred wood members with an awl and recommend having a structural engineer inspect and repair/replace as needed. 

The seller of this home had owned it for 5 years and had no idea that this damage was in the attic. If she would have had the home inspected when she bought it, this issue would have easily come up and saved her thousands of dollars on repairs by negotiating with the seller for a better price or just having the seller repair any damaged areas

Home Inspection Hudson, WI

Plumbing Inspection

Here we see in the basement of the home where the plumbing waste line was not connected. Good thing I always check the basement plumbing before turning on the sinks and flushing toilets. That could have been a mess.

Home Inspection New Richmond, WI

Electric Inspection

Here we see a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter ( GFCI ) receptacle showing an open ground ( not grounded ). This is a shock hazard. I found 7 more outlets in the home that were also not grounded.

Home Inspection Somerset, WI

Roofing Inspection

Here I found that the seller had repairs done to the roof. This was not disclosed to the buyer. As you can see in the photo the shingles are different types. The roofing material on the home was architectural shingles and the patched area they used 3-tab shingles. The roofing material was over 20 years old and with the 4 other patched areas found, I recommended budgeting for a new roof.